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The Segregation Wall around Shu'fat Refugees Camp

   The Israeli Separation Wall is currently nearing completion throughout East Jerusalem. The Wall will dislocate Shufat Camp from the neighboring villages of Shufat, Beit Hanina, Ar-Ram (already separated by an Israeli Military checkpoint) and ElIsawiya; as well as the greater city of Jerusalem. The Wall will place the refugee camp and Anata village within an Israeli controlled enclave[1]

   An estimated 20,000 people will live in this enclave. The Wall will indubitably impact on the areas already high unemployment rate, as well as its vital health and education services. Those who do hold jobs are predominately employed outside or the camp, in the city of Jerusalem. The Wall will also have a detrimental affect on the natural connections (existing principally through family ties) in this region, once physically separated. It is believed that education will be almost immediately affected; approximately 70% of the Camps schoolteachers live outside of the camp, in areas affected by the Wall.

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[1] Map detailing completed and projected phases of the Separation Wall path, around Shu'fat Camp and Anata Village: http://www.poica.org/editor/case_studies/Anata%20location%20map%201.jpg

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