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The German Government

The building of the Womens Center was built and furnished by the German Government.

United Nations for Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

UNRWA provided the land for the center and supervised its construction, etc. UNRWA is also founding some micro-projects of the center like the computer lab, the fitness room or the beauty saloon.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

UNDP has supported one of the centers summer camps.

Ford Foundation- Cairo

The Ford Foundation has financed the project of Developing Community Womens Leaders for three years.

The Welfare Association

It has financed the first floor of the new building of the Womens Center. They  are funding the project "Cancer Awareness and Counseling".

ARCI Society (Italy)

The organization financed the first year of the kindergarten and the toys library, activities in the center and the research about "Drug Addiction in Shu'fat Refugee Camp".

Centri Rousseau

It finances the centers kindergarten and nursery. It is also carrying the project "Rousseau to Shu'fat".

Youth Development Division (Orient House)

Training for womens leaders, training for leaderships, European Voluntary Service.


It is founding "Promoting Women in Rural and Refugee Areas to Decision Making and Public Life" project.

Canadian Government

It has financed the centers swimming pool.

Palestinian Ministry of Youth and Sports

It is organizing summer camps and other activities for young people and children of the camp, in collaboration with the center.

Palestinian Ministry of Works

It is providing employees for the center.


It has financed the new building of the center.

Palestinian Center for the Development of Small Projects

The center has financed the kindergarten and it is also financing training courses for teachers.

Early Resource Childhood Center

They have given training courses for teachers


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